You can pay your Rates to the Shire by;

  • Phone: (08) 9839 0000 for a credit card payment
  • Mail: Cheque or money order posted to PO Box 43, Ravensthorpe WA 6346
  • BPay: using the BPay code listed on your Rates Notice
  • In person: Shire Administration Office during business hours (Monday to Friday 9:00am-4:30pm)

Please be sure to include your property reference number when making a payment. Without this, we may not be able to allocate your payment correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rates are an important source of revenue for your Shire. Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

How are my rates calculated?

The calculation of rates is a combination of the rate in the dollar (set by Council) and the valuation of your property (reviewed and set by Landgate).

Can I appeal my valuation?

Yes, valuations can be appealed by applying in writing to Landgate.

How is the rate in the dollar arrived at?

The rate in the dollar is set by Council. This is reviewed on an annual basis during the budgeting process.

Pensioner Concessions

What Type of Cards Are There?

  • Senior Card

  • Age Card

  • Pensioner Card

How Do I Apply for a Card?

Eligibility is determined by applying to Centre Link.

How does it apply to my rates?

Once you have received your card you may be entitled to a rebate on your rates. If you are connected to a town water supply, please ring Water Corporation 1300 659 951. Water Corp will then contact us and we can load your details onto our data base.

If you are not connected to town water, please contact the Shire Administration Office. You will need to complete an application and we will need to take a copy of your card.

Change your Address 

The link for Change of Address The completed form can be dropped off at any of our offices in Hopetoun or Ravensthorpe, faxed to 9838 1282 or emailed to rates@ravensthorpe.wa.gov.au