Bushfire and Emergency Services


Please complete the SMS Registration form so that the Shire of Ravensthorpe can contact you in an emergency.

Fire Danger Rating

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LOW MODERATE                        'image description'

*Fire Danger Rating for Tuesday 25/04/2017 as issued by the Bureau of Meteorology

To view weather forecast for the South East region please click here to go the BoM Website.

To know more about fire danger rating and Total Fire ban days please click on the below fact sheets:

Fact Sheet - Fire Danger Ratings

Fact Sheet - Total Fire Bans


DFES Alerts & Warnings

To keep yourself update with the latest information on Alerts & Warnings for all fires and emergencies state wide, refer to the DFES Website or the new alerts website EmergencyWA


Burning Times

NOTE:  Burning is PROHIBITED on Public Holidays

            Burning is PROHIBITED on Sundays (Except between 30th April - 19th September)

1st February - 31st October

(Every Year)

Restricted Burning Period

(Fire Permits Required)

1st November - 31st January

(Every Year)

Prohibited Burning Period

(No Burning Allowed)

NOTE: These dates are subject to variation by agreement from time to time according to seasonal conditions, but any alterations will be advertised through media release and updates can be obtained by contacting your Local Government and Fire Control Officers.

Click on the below helpful tips on how you can safely burn during the Restricted Burning Periods.

Winter Burning Guide

What Protective Clothing Should I Wear When I Burn Bush?  


Fire Break Requirements

The Annual Fire Regulations Notice is included with your rates. A copy of this notice has also been uploaded below. Should you require additional information please contact the Shire Administration Office.

Fire Break Notice 2016/ 2017.

NOTE:  Fire Breaks must be in place by 31st October and maintained as per the notice until 31st March the following year. 


Harvest and Vehicle Movement Bans

The Shire of Ravensthorpe is responsible for imposing a Harvest & Vehicle Movement Ban during the hottest parts of the day base on the advice of it's Fire Control Officers. A Harvest & Vehicle Movement Ban prohibits the use of engines, vehicles, plant or machinery to avoid the start, or spread of a bush fire;

The Shire is divided into Zones to help impose Bans within the required parts of the Shire, please click on the map to see which zone your property is in Harvest Ban Area Map

When a Harvest & Vehicle Movement Ban is declared a SMS alert is sent out to registered users and broadcast via ABC Local Radio 558AM at the following times 10:05am, 11:05am, 12:35pm and 2:05pm daily. 

To register to the Shire of Ravensthorpe SMS text messaging service for Harvest & Vehicle Movement Ban notifications, please complete our online form.

Please see the below helpful tips to prepare yourself, your machinery and your vehicle during harvest;

Safe Harvesting Practices

Guidelines For Operating Private Equipment At Fires

Bushfire Fact Sheet# 7 - Protective Clothing


Are you bushfire ready?

Annually in October is Bushfire Action Month, where a call is placed upon the community to prepare their homes and families ahead of the upcoming bushfire season.

Do you have bushfire plan?

During a major bushfire, firefighters will be working tirelessly to stop the fire. A fire truck cannot be guaranteed to be at every household defending it during a bushfire. Preparing yourself, your family and your property is your responsibility. By preparing your property provides better chances of it surviving a bushfire, even if you are not there.

Ways you can prepare for bushfires include;

  • Have a bushfire survival plan

              'image description'

  • Prepare a bushfire survival kit

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  • Prepare your property, including creating a 20 metre building protection zone

             What Is A Building Protection Zone?

             Sheds In A Building Protection Zone

             Building Protection Zone standards

  • know and understand bushfire warnings

               Bushfire Warnings

  • How can you prepare yourself for a emergency

                ABC Emergency - Preparing your mind to survive disasters

               ABC Emergency - Facing a disaster:  the brain makes it harder than you expect

                ABC EmergencyBushfire survivor warns preparation is key to saving your home and family


DFES Bushfire Season Fact Sheets

Click on the below Bushfire Fact Sheets for further information;

Bushfire Fact Sheet# 1 - Bushfire Survival Plan

Bushfire Fact Sheet# 2 - Building Protection Zones

Bushfire Fact Sheet# 3 - Bushfire Behaviour and Risks

Bushfire Fact Sheet# 4 - Bushfire Warning System

Bushfire Fact Sheet# 5 - Staying and Defending

Bushfire Fact Sheet# 6 - Calendar for Preparing Your Property

Bushfire Fact Sheet# 7 - Protective Clothing

Bushfire Fact Sheet# 8 - Evaporative Air Conditioners

Bushfire Fact Sheet# 9 - Safer Places In A Bushfire

Bushfire Fact Sheet# 10 - Horses and Bushfires

Bushfire Fact Sheet# 11 - Emergency Survival Kit

Bushfire Fact Sheet# 12 - Fire Danger Ratings

Bushfire Fact Sheet# 13 - Renting and Bushfires

Bushfire Fact Sheet# 14 - Preparing Your Secondary Property

Bushfire Fact Sheet# 15 - Travelling During A Bushfire

Bushfire Fact Sheet# 16 - Sheltering In Your Home 


Interested in becoming a volunteer?

The Shire of Ravensthorpe is serviced by a group of highly dedicated, community minded volunteers who respond to majority of incidents occurring within our communities. Our emergency service groups are always in need of more like-minded community members to become volunteers. 

As a emergency service volunteers not only will you find it rewarding and get to learn new skills for life but you become a member of a bigger family unit. A family that supports, challenges and looks after each other whilst supporting the community where we live.


 Click on any of the emergency service logos below, to gain a understanding what roles they undertake and to see which group best suits you!

'image description'                              

Please click here for local contacts for any of the above emergency service group.