Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal Grant

Published on Friday, 22 October 2021 at 1:28:38 PM

Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal Grant

The Shire of Ravensthorpe is pleased to announce it has been awarded a Foundation for Rural Regional Renewal grant for the installation of an electronic community noticeboard outside the Hopetoun Shire Offices and Community Centre.

The intent of the grant is to assist in building community capacity and emergency responsiveness.

 The objectives of the grant are;

  • Small-scale community infrastructure projects to foster connectedness, improve wellbeing and make     community facilities resilient to the impacts of drought.
  • Improve new and existing meeting places so they can be used year-round to support community  wellbeing, improve connectivity, increase knowledge sharing.
  • Investing in infrastructure and equipment to build community resilience

 The Sign is intended to have a broad usage including;

  • Fire and Emergency Services information
  • Ranger/Road and airport notices
  • Event advertising
  • Weather updates, and
  • Includes use by community groups.

 Congratulations also to the Ravensthorpe CRC who were another successful recipient of FRRR grant funding.

 As always, the Shire is committed to supporting and assisting community safety, and the Shire staying connected and resilient.

FRRR Grant

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