Increased Mosquito Activity - Hopetoun

Published on Tuesday, 26 October 2021 at 2:28:07 PM

Increased Mosquito Activity - Hopetoun

The Shire has received a number of concerned community correspondence regarding the increase of mosquito activity in Hopetoun. With Hopetoun being on the coast it makes it an ideal mosquito breeding ground and the higher than average amount of rainfall over recent months has increased mosquito breeding conditions.

From an environmental perspective the Shire will not endorse fogging activities.  This form of control kills all insects including those which are essential to our ecosystem.  It is lethal to bees, dragonflies and fish.  The Shire is committed to the Fitzgerald Biosphere and our obligations to protect our natural environment.

Larvicide baiting is the preferred method of control for mosquitoes as it has far less impact on the environment.  As this type of baiting has a financial component the Shire is currently investigating joining a Contiguous Local Authorities Group Scheme to obtain funding from the State Government for a broader scale of mosquito baiting.

While we are investigating our options we urge residents to please “Fight the Bite”.  If residents would like to do their own home baiting, Larvicides can be purchased from Bunnings and placed in bodies of water around your properties that are conducive breeding environments. 

Fight the Bite

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