Successful Community Projects 2021

Published on Thursday, 25 March 2021 at 12:58:25 PM

Successful Community Projects 2021

The Shire is excited to update the community on its programmed projects for 2021. The Shire has been successful in being awarded a large amount of Federal and State money to put towards many local projects around the Shire. These grants are the result of successfully lobbing and obtaining drought and COVID-19 funding from late 2019 to early 2020 to stimulate the community.

Our programmed projects for 2021 are a result of a number of community workshops and surveys conducted in 2020 to develop the community vison for the next 10 years. All the ideas and information from the six community workshops and phone survey have been complied to prioritise and shape our Draft Integrated Planning Documents (IPR) that is currently out for public comment.

Approvals to proceed with the nominated projects however were only received from the funding bodies late in 2020 with 24 out of 37 projects only receiving approval in mid-December 2020. Since then the Shires executive, project and works teams have been working to define, scope, and programme the works. This has included procuring materials, undertaking requests for quotes and running tenders. Whilst all this work is in process, the Shire has also experienced significant difficulties due to the timing of Federal and State funding increases geared towards the construction industry. These stimulus packages have led to challenges being faced in relation to materials supply, lead times for delivery of materials, lack of suitably qualified and willing contractors and in some cases large price increases. Whilst this has been foreshadowed, in some cases the delays or lack of resources has been beyond the control of the Shire.

Whilst the team is endeavouring to increase its own capacity, in a number of the grant agreements the use of Shire employees is strictly prohibited. Where we are able to use employees, the grant work is on top of already busy work schedules. Often we are dependent on outside contractors to complete the work. With local contractors at capacity and outside contractors unwilling or not needing to travel to remote WA, there have been a number of projects where we are ready to proceed, however cannot engage suitable contractors.

A number of the grant projects are for local roads projects and these have been programmed to commence in line with the ongoing roadwork maintenance and upgrades occurring now and continuing into June. Projects involving park, street and playground equipment such as McCulloch Park, Maitland Street Park, Hopetoun Main Street, 2 mile beach, the Hopetoun skate park, Starvation Bay and Masons Bay have all materials ordered with programmes dependent on the various delivery dates and commencing after the Easter and school holidays. Some items are due in at the end of April going through until June. Projects that need full design documentation, as well as licenced contractors and sub-contractors to undertake the works, are being managed within the procurement policy and process requirements and we continue to look outside the box to find the best and most effective engagement avenues to entice workers to the Shire. Some of the smaller projects such as the painting, carpet replacement and maintenance to various Shire assets are already 100% complete as is the Hopetoun cricket and sports oval irrigation works.

I’m confident we are on positive path forward and whilst you may not be seeing much in terms of visual and physical changes currently, be aware that things are in train. There should be a degree of much awaited excitement as a flurry of work will soon commence after Easter.

On a positive note the Shire is continually looking to attract local workers and trade contractors. So if you are new to the Shire or think you have a skill we could use, then please let us know.

I look forward to providing the community with further updates are these exiting programs as rolled out for all to enjoy in addition to our normal programmed works, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any specific queries.


Gavin Pollock
Chief Executive Officer



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