Here is the latest Fitzgerald River National Park's Road Condition Report Wednesday, 22 May 2024 from Parks and Wildlife Service, Western Australia which stays in effect until further notice (please check the DBCA's Parks Alert in case of any changes):

For more information on the Fitzgerald River National Park, please click here (this will take you to Parks and Wildlife Services Explore Parks website). Please check road conditions and closures before heading out especially after heavy rain as gravel roads and tracks may be closed at short notice to avoid the risk of spreading Dieback. There are digital signs at various entrances to the park to assist you with the status of current road closures, however please be mindful that due to size of the park or that there may be a short time lag between Rangers closing roads and road notices being issued.

Hamersley Drive from Hopetoun - is a beautiful, scenic sealed road (bitumen) right through to Hamersley Inlet and is generally open year round however, road closures may still apply depending on various other alerts as a result of extreme weather conditions or bushfire.

For additional information about the roads and DBCA campgrounds please contact during office hours only, Park and Wildlife Albany office on (08) 9842 4500 or contact the National Park Ranger Hopetoun Work Centre (08) 9842 4568 or Gairdner Ranger Station (08) 9837 1022.