Ravensthorpe and Hopetoun enjoy a temperate Mediterranean climate with beautiful sunny winter days and cool summer nights. Ancient mountain ranges, rocky hills, rugged river valleys, vast sand plains, estuaries and large inlets provide the area with a wealth of natural beauty to explore.

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In and around Hopetoun...

  • Swim, fish or just relax at West Beach, Mylies, Four Mile Beach. Explore blow holes and a cave at East Mylies, Hopetoun offers 200km of pristine coastline.
  • Drive to East Mt. Barren Lookout, this ocean drive will take your breath away! Climb the mountain for panoramic views. Continue to Sepulcralis Hill Lookout and be amazed by the Royal Hakea and abundant wildflowers all year round
  • Spend a lazy afternoon on Barrens Beach at the base of East Mt Barren, swimming, snorkelling or playing cricket. There are some fascinating rock pools around the corner to explore.
  • Take a tinny to the Hamersley Inlet or stay in the 8 berth House Boat on the Inlet for a relaxing time.
  • Take a Fitzgerald Safari Tour.
  • West Beach happy hour; with the family, glass of wine and a camera to view the sun setting over the ocean.
  • Look for the magnificent Southern Cross shining brilliantly in the night sky over the Southern Ocean whilst catching a fish for your dinner.
  • Browse the local gift shops; enjoy the local cuisine and coffee at the cafes.
  • From Southern Ocean Road visit idyllic beaches and fishing spots, such as Two Mile, Five Mile, Twelve Mile beaches. In season look out for whales.
  • On the way to Starvation Bay and Munglinup stay the night at Mason Bay, or just cast a line and fish. You may feel a sense of history as you cross the tracks of Western Australia's early explorers including John Septimus Roe
  • Lake Shaster and the Oldfield Estuary are renowned havens for rare and unusual birds.

In and around Ravensthorpe ...

Fitzgerald School Site has been relocated and restored in recent years to mark the significance of the school, the settlement and development of the district. Now the Ravensthorpe Community Resource Centre it is a great spot to stop, check your emails or read a book and have a cuppa.

Ravensthorpe Hopetoun Visitor Centre and Museum provide a wealth of information. The historic museum is a great attraction. See a 72 sample mineral display of local gem stones. Several scenic drive and hike brochures are also available from the Visitor Centre in Ravensthorpe

Archer Drive” takes you to the lookout located on the Ravensthorpe Range, it provides a picturesque scenic drive with unique photographic and wildflower viewing opportunities. Continue on the Ravensthorpe Range 4WD track, Brochure with directions required for this from the Visitor Centre in Ravensthorpe

Inspect the Pioneer Clay Mural located at the entrance to the Playground on Morgans Street.

Ravensthorpe Hopetoun Railway Heritage Walk Trail. This historically significant walking trail follows the old railway line between the two towns. Easy to walk sections with plaques and picnic facilities, great wildflower viewing opportunities. Ravensthorpe to Desmond, Desmond to Kundip, Kundip to Lee Creek figure of eight, Hopetoun Trail Head Loop. Detailed brochures on each section are available from the Visitor Centre on Morgans Street.