Freedom of Information

For your information the Western Australian Freedom of Information Act 1992 gives people a right to access documents of an agency, subject to the sensitivity of the document and the exemptions applied pursuant to the Act. The Act is designed to make state and local government more open and accountable to the public by creating a general right of access.


Exemptions for some documents include protection of essential public interest, personal information, commercial or business information, law enforcement, public safety and property security, confidential communications, deliberative processes, legal professional privilege and so on.


All documents received and generated by the Shire of Ravensthorpe, are filed on the central records management system and are recorded on an electronic database. A Freedom of Information (FOI) request does not need to be lodged to access public information held by the Shire.


Many public documents are readily available on this website, including Agendas and Minutes of Council meetings, Local Laws, Local Planning Scheme, Maps and Strategic Plans to name just a few. Before lodging an FOI request, contact the Shire Records Department on (08) 9839 0000 and ask about the specific information you wish to access.

The information you seek may already be available, if not, Records staff can give you details on how to submit an FOI application.


FOI requests must be lodged in writing with enough details to enable the requested documents to be identified. An address in Australia and, where possible, a contact telephone number and email address should be provided.


Applications may take up to 45 days, but the Shire will endeavour for a quicker response time. If the information sought is subject to litigation this time period may need to be extended. Applicants will be contacted if this needs to occur.


Information Statement

An Information Statement is published by the Shire of Ravensthorpe in accordance with the requirements of Section 96 of the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (Western Australia).

Please follow the link to see the Shire of Ravensthorpe Information Statement.  


Fees and Charges

FOI applications regarding non-personal information will occur a processing fee. You may be required to pay other charges; ie: for photocopying. Please see below for more information. You will receive a quote should your application require extra charges and at that point you will have the choice to accept the quote and continue your application, or withdraw your application.



Personal information about the applicant

No fee

Application fee under section 12(1)(e) of the FOI Act 1992 (for non-personal information)


Charge for time taken by staff dealing with application (per hour or pro rata)


Photocopying – as per Councils fees and charges

$0.10 per page

Transcribing information from a tape or other device (per hour or pro rata)


Duplicating a tape, film or computer information

Actual Cost

Delivery, packaging and postage

Actual Cost



Advance deposits may be required of the estimated charges – section 18(1) of the FOI Act 1992