Paths, Trails and Tracks

Hopetoun - Ravensthorpe Railway Heritage Walk

Follows a former isolated railway through natural bush.

The trail is open in four sections:

  • Raventhorpe - Desmond (16km) Some of this section of the former line has been sold off so there is a deviation of a few kilometres along the Ravensthorpe Range foothills.
  • Desmond - Kundip (9km)
  • Kundip - Lee Creek (13km)
  • Hopetoun Trailhead loop (14km) of which about 5km is on the former railway.

The trail committee has made a special effort to preserve the depression made by sleepers and there are artefacts along the way.

The railway was built to connect mines to the Hopetoun port and operated from 1909 - 1935.

For more information about this trail, please click here.

Ravensthorpe Range

This 45 km long strip offers fine views of the district. It can be accessed by all vehicles via either Ethel Daw Drive (16 km south-east of town) or Archer Drive (10 km north of town). However, Range Top Drive is only negotiable by 4WD.

Hammersley Drive Heritage Scenic Trail

This 170 km circular route makes its way to Fitzgerald River National Park. Brochures are available from the Ravensthorpe Visitor Centre: (08) 9838 1191.

Ethel Daw Scenic Drive

This 30 km trail takes in Mount Desmond Lookout (340 metres) which offers excellent panoramic views of the district. A related brochure is available from the Ravensthorpe Tourist Bureau, tel: (08) 9838 1191

Mt Madden Scenic Drive

This is a 160 km circuit drive which takes in the local scenery and the views atop Mount Madden, although those wishing to drive straight to the mountain and back can do so in a shorter 76-km trek. The Ravensthorpe Visitor Centre has a related brochure. Phone: (08) 9838 1191.

Mt Short Scenic Drive

This is a 40 km scenic tour for those possessed of four-wheel-drive vehicles. Its destination is Mt Short, which can be climbed. Along the way, travelers can enjoy the pleasant local flora and mining relics. The Ravensthorpe Visitor Centre has a related brochure. Phone: (08) 9838 1191.

Wildflower Self Drive Tour

Take a wildflower self-drive to the spectacular Fitzgerald River National Park, home to 20% of WA’s plant species with over 1,800 varieties. Stop at Ravensthorpe’s Wildflower Show in September,

Fitzgerald River National Park self-drives prime wildflower viewing locations:

  • South Coast Highway to Ravensthorpe: the road verge is lined with dryandra, pink kunzia, tea tree, yellow verticordia, melaleuca, damperia, pink boronia and orchids.
  • Lake King to Ravensthorpe: roe’s featherflower, verticordias, common cauliflower, flame grevillea.
  • Archer Drive Lookout Floater Road, Ravensthorpe: see bottlebrush, nodding banksia, blue lechenaultia, one sided bottlebrush, verticordia grandiflora, claw featherflower, qualup bell pimelea physodes, pink boronia.
  • Ethel Daw Lookout, Elverton Road: find bottlebrushes, dryandras and banksia nutans (its flower hangs downwards), qualup bells (search for these), blue lechenaultia, pink kunzia, tennis ball banksia, chittick.
  • Hamersley Scenic Drive West of Hopetoun or South off Highway 1 just 45 kms West of Ravensthorpe: see the magnificent royal hakea, qualup bell, sepulcralis weeping gum in the stunning Fitzgerald River National Park. Stop for a breathtaking view at East Mt Barren and Sepulcralis Hill lookouts. Along Hamersley Drive also see oaked leafed dryandra, barrens regalia, ground banksias, coastal pimelia, starflower, rose coneflower, isopogon, pouched dampiera, fringed lily, tinsel lily and smokebush.
  • Hopetoun East to Munglinup Beach: along Springdale Rd see kangaroo paws, bell fruited mallee, red centred hibiscus, tinsel lily, large waxflower, chittick, and showy banksia.

For more information and wildflower locations call the Ravensthorpe Visitor Centre, (08) 9838 1191 or visit the Wildflower Show website here.