Getting in & around

Public Transport

Transwa, as a major entity of the Public Transport Authority, supply public transport via a fleet of coaches to regional WA. Ravensthorpe is one of 275 locations that they service and they stop in Ravensthorpe, as a scheduled refreshment hub, a minimum of 16 times per week.

Please go to their website for further information regarding routes, fares and timetables

Once you have booked your ticket online or over the phone with Transwa, you can pay and pick up your ticket at the Ravensthorpe or Hopetoun Community Resource Centre.

Walking & Cycling

There are a number of fascinating walks through the National Park and throughout our Shire with a great deal to see and enjoy. There are also cycle paths planned for the Hopetoun area. These will add much to the surrounding area and will support the healthy lifestyle choice that many residents have made.

Road Closures

Local Roads

Local road conditions change on a daily basis. Please click here for the latest update or contact the Shire Ranger (08) 9839 0000.

National Park Road Access

There are number access points to enter the National Parks in the Shire of Ravensthorpe. For more information please click here or contact the Park Ranger (+61 8) 9842 4500 or visit Fitzgerald Coast