Coast Hazard Risk Management
Adaptation Plan (CHRMAP)

Our coastlines are constantly changing – from natural events, climate change and from the presence of built infrastructure. The Shire’s coastline is highly valued for its natural environment, landscape and sandy beaches. Within the Shire, Hopetoun beaches are amongst the most visited.

The Hopetoun region has been identified as an ‘erosion hotspot’ (where coastal erosion is expected to impact on public and private physical assets within 25 years).  Therefore, the Shire is developing a Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Plan (CHRMAP) to understand ‘coastal hazards’ and ‘risks’ that may impact the coastline in the future and what the options are for managing those.

The State government’s Coastal Hazard Risk Management and Adaptation Planning Guidelines (July 2019) provide guidance for decision makers to develop and implement effective CHRMAPs

There are four main adaptation options for managing coastal risk.

  • Avoid
  • Planned or managed retreat
  • Accommodate
  • Protect

Different options are appropriate for different locations taking into consideration the type of coastline, community values, environmental impacts and cost implications.

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Hopetoun Coastal Hazard and Risk Management Adaption Plan

Coastal Hazard Risk Management Guidelines - July 2019

State Coastal Planning Policy - State Planning Policy No. 26