The Cub House Child Care Centre

Address: 7369 Coleman Street Ravensthorpe 6346

Phone: 98381186


Opening times: Monday to Friday 7.30am to 5.30pm

Closed all Public Holidays and 2 weeks over the Christmas new year period


Nursery $104.00 per day
Toddlers $98.00
Kindy $93.00

Before School $21.00

After School $26.00

Vacation care $93.00

Short day (all ages)  $79.00
Half-day (AM 7.30-12.30 or PM 12.30-5.30) $67.00
Hourly rate $21.00

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Our Philosophy

At The Cub House, we aim to provide a warm and nurturing care and learning environment where all children are celebrated for their individual strengths, they are encouraged to grow and learn, respected and inspired to develop to their full potential in a positive manner.

In relation to Children, we believe:

Encouraging children to express their views from birth and allowing them the right to be consulted about matters in which affect them and the quality of early interactions, heavily influences their abilities to reach their full potential. Children develop confidence and self-esteem through a supportive and secure environment where they are able to have the space to express themselves freely whilst learning through direct experiences, playing and having fun. Children need opportunities to practice and combine their skills in language and literacy, creative arts, maths, science, social and emotional development and together, children and educators work together to investigate, explore and grow, whilst working towards the learning outcomes expressed in the Early Years Learning Framework- Belonging, Being, Becoming.

In relation to Families, we:

Celebrate each family as a nurturing, growing unit. Trust, respect, constructive communication and collaboration form the foundation for the strong partnerships between the families and staff. Staff are responsive to family needs and provide support when required. Family involvement is encouraged in the centre as it helps with sharing programme information about their child/ren, child’s observations or sharing culture, which is essential in building our curriculum. Each family knows their child best and the Educators will work in a partnership, to ensure the best possible outcomes for the child, in the different learning environments.

In relation to staff, we:

Acknowledge and utilise the individual strengths and passions of staff who are committed to working for the best interests of the children and families and bring personal qualities to the care environment such as care, empathy, respect and have a passion for learning. Communication is open and confidentiality is maintained. Staff are provided with ongoing professional development and are given opportunities to share ideas or in decision making or provide feedback. They feel comfortable and safe in their working environment and the quality of their interactions with children, achieve the best possible outcomes. Friendly supportive staff, make the workplace a more enjoyable environment.

In relation to the community, we believe:

Children should have positive connections within our community and when the opportunities arise, we leap at these, to give the children chances to engage and learn about what really makes a community and how they fit into it. We try to program for incursions and excursions to places within our community; fire brigade, St John Ambulance, the local police, the library/CRC and we are in close contact with the local school, as we talk a lot with our pre kindy children to help them feel connected and secure for when they are ready to start school. The kindy children also get chances to visit the school during the year but mostly during 4th term.