Cultural Attractions

Shoemaker Levy Overpass

April saw the completion of the successfully erected conveyor overpass for the Shoemaker Levy Overpass Project.  

The conveyor overpass spans the South Coast Highway, enabling ore to be transported from the Shoemaker Levy pit to our processing plant, extending the life of Ravensthorpe Nickel Operation by approximately 20 years.  Our thanks go to everyone in the local community for their patience and support during the temporary road closure, as we know it may have added some time to your travel yesterday.

Just as exciting for our region is the giant public artwork that is now visible on both sides of the conveyor overpass as you drive along South Coast Highway.  The 100 metre long artwork has been created by well-known artist Amok Island, who also created a similarly locally themed work on the Ravensthorpe silos a few years ago.  The artwork is called The Honey Eaters”, and features New Holland Honey Eaters flying among Eucalyptus Purpurata, a tree found only in the local area.

This was a Community Project, and we are very grateful to those community members who assisted with the selection of the artwork theme and artist.  We also appreciate the efforts of leading arts organisation FORM, which has managed the $145,000 project.  We see the artwork as being one of our key contributions to helping the region develop its tourism sector and highlight its unique environment to visitors from near and far.

If you are interested in following the journey and creation of the overpass please click on the following link .