Little Barrens Early Learning Centre

Address: 16 Buckie Street Hopetoun 6348

Phone: 98383278


Opening times: Monday to Friday 7.30am to 5.30pm

Closed all Public Holidays and 2 weeks over the Christmas new year period


Nursery $111.00 per day
Toddlers $105.00
Kindy $100.00

Before School $23.00

After School $28.00

Vacation care $100.00

Short day (all ages)  $84.00
Half-day (AM 7.30-12.30 or PM 12.30-5.30) $70.00
Hourly rate $23.00

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Our Philosophy

At Little Barrens Early Learning Centre we believe that trust and mutual respect are the basis of children’s learning. With secure, reciprocal relationships; children have the confidence to venture out and through play explore, experiment, discover and enjoy their connections with the world around them. Each child is unique and at Little Barrens we ensure they feel safe, welcome and supported to experience a sense of belonging through collaboration and communication with other children, adults and all interactions within their environment. Educators ensure they are always working within the best interests and rights of each child in their care, knowing that children are capable, competent and resourceful learners who are active contributors in their own learning and acting upon each child’s strengths and interests. We respect embrace and celebrate the differences we all have and encourage children through intentional teaching to put this into practice.
Little Barrens Early Learning centre knows that our children’s families are their first and most influential teachers, it is through strong partnerships with families that we are able to provide a high quality curriculum and enhance the development of each child within our service. With our parent consultative group meetings, families are supported to be a voice in the direction of their child’s education and care whilst being a valued part of our community.

All educators at Little Barrens Early learning centre bring their own strengths, abilities and personal qualities to our centre environment such as empathy, respect, warmth and passion for learning. With this the team are able to role model different ways of being encouraging children to be themselves. Educators are encouraged and provided with opportunities to develop their own personal professional knowledge and skills to support the children in our care.

Regular connections with our community promote active community involvement later in life and in the early years have an immense impact on the child’s wellbeing and learning. The children are encouraged to be active within the community with Little Barrens attending and holding events establishing relationships with community organisations, council and local schools. In visiting our local community we are supporting our children in becoming culturally competent building respectful relationships that support, promote and embrace cultural differences.

All children have the right to access a quality child lead educational program at Little Barrens. Each educator has equal responsibility to take part in the programming cycle to ensure holistic child initiated and lead activities within the service. Children’s voice is essential to the programming process. The team are encouraged to develop their knowledge and consider different theorists to guide their educational program and practices. Learning spaces are based upon children’s interests and development this encourages shared thinking, collaborative learning, open ended interaction, spontaneity, creativity, exploration, risk taking, and connection with the environments around us.

The Leadership team at Little Barrens ensures the centre is striving to meet all national quality standards to continue to provide quality education and care to the community. At Little barrens we respect family’s privacy and take confidentiality very seriously.