Springdale bridge project update

Published on Tuesday, 3 October 2023 at 2:06:47 PM

Work is currently being carried out by Main Roads WA on the much anticipated new concrete bridge for Springdale Road near Hopetoun.

Construction for the bridge over the Jerdacuttup River commenced in June 2023 and to date work has included the completion of both abutments, earthworks to lift the road to 80 per cent completion, and the commencement of the rock protection.

Public entry
This section of Springdale Road will remain closed to the general public. A detour remains in place. Please follow the signs.
Only emergency service vehicles and personnel will be allowed to pass the site.

Restricted access will be granted to immediate locals in passenger vehicles only (no heavy / oversize vehicles),  however they must advise site staff of the need to access. This is for the safety of the individual and the construction crew. The crew contact details are posted at the east and west entry gates to the site.

Please note that if it is not safe for the public to access the site, it will remain closed off and passage will not be provided.

In the coming months there will be significant movement and construction at the Jerdacuttup River bridge site.

18- 20 October 2023:

The bridge beams will arrive via a crane and the whole site will close to all vehicles due to the high risk movements.

Only emergency services vehicles displaying flashing lights and sirens will be permitted to pass.

06 November 2023:

Concrete pouring to the deck is scheduled for the week commencing 6 November 2023, this will also mean there is no access through the site. 

Early December 2023:

Pavement construction, guardrail installation and seal is planned for early December 2023. Only restricted authorised personnel will have access through the site.

Further information:
Main Roads Great Southern
Ph: (08) 9892 0555

Email: gsreg@mainroads.wa.gov.au


Shire of Ravensthorpe
Ph: (08) 9839 0000

Email: shire@ravensthorpe.wa.gov.au

Fortec Australia:
Contact details can be found on each entrance gate.

For any after hour enquiries please contact 138 138.

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