Harvest and Movement Bans

Total Fire Bans vs Harvest & Vehicle Movement Bans

Total Fire Bans

*A Total Fire Ban (TFB) is declared because of extreme weather conditions or when widespread fires are seriously stretching fire fighting resources.  A TFB is declared by DFES following consultation with local governments.

*A TFB prohibits the lighting of any fires in the open air and any other activities that may start a fire.  The ban includes all open air fires for the purpose of cooking or camping. It also includes incinerators, welding, grinding, soldering or gas cutting. Exemptions may be allowed for some industries and activities with conditions applied.

*Recent changes to Total Fire Ban regulations have been introduced that broaden the activities farmers can undertake during these bans.

*The changes mean farmers can now continue day-to-day agricultural activity such as harvesting, as long as a Harvest & Vehicle Movement Ban has not been implemented by their local government.

*On days when a Total Fire Ban and/or a Harvest & Vehicle Movement Ban are in place farmers are still able to check on the welfare of their stock, including moving livestock between paddocks to a water source, providing the vehicle being used in equipped with a portable fire unit carrying a minimum 600liters of water

*Certain activities likely to create a bushfire danger such as operating an oxytorch, welding and operating grinders in the open air are still banned.

*You can find a list of common questions on the DFES website: https://www.dfes.wa.gov.au/totalfirebans/Pages/TotalFireBanWhatCantIDo.aspx

*For more information call the TFB Information Line on 1800 709 355 or go to


Harvest & Vehicle Movement Bans

*Harvest & Vehicle Movement Bans (HVMB) are issued by local governments. It is the responsibility of the farmer to be aware of any bans in place before harvesting as you could be fined for breaching a ban.

*A HVMB is a ban that individual local governments are responsible for issuing under the Bush Fires Regulations 1954 Section 38A, and/or Section 24C. Local governments will impose the ban when their Bushfire Control Officer is of the opinion that the use of engines, vehicles, plant or machinery during the prohibited burning times or the restricted burning times or both is likely to cause a fire or contribute to the spread of a bushfire. The prohibited and restricted burning times vary between local governments, see local times below:

All Zones (1-8) Shire of Ravensthorpe

Restricted Burning Time

(Permits required at ALL times)

19 September -

31 October

Prohibited Burning Time

(NO burning at all)

1 November -

31 January

Restricted Burning Time

(Permits required at all times)

1 February -

28 February

Restricted Burning Time

(Permits required for over 0.1ha)

1 March -

18 September

*A HVMB may be imposed for any length of time but is generally imposed for the "heat of the day" periods and may be extended or revoked by the local government should weather conditions change.

*The responsibility remains on the individual to ensure that any activity undertaken is not likely to start a fire and that a HVMB is currently not in place in their area.

*To find if a HVMB has been imposed in the Shire of Ravensthorpe, contact the Harvest Ban Hotline on (08) 9839 0035

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ABC Radio & Fire Bans

We would like to take this opportunity to update you on how ABC Local Radio is going to handle Harvest & Vehicle Movement Bans during the 2017/2018 season.

  • The designated tune-in frequencies for listeners to hear harvest bans on ABC Radio: 558am / 630am / 837am
  • The designated tune-in times for listeners to hear these harvest bans:
    • Monday to Friday:    10:05am / 12:35pm / 2:05pm
    • Saturday & Sunday:  12:35pm / 2:05pm
  • Announcements can occur earlier pending on weather conditions
  • There will be just one simple announcement saying:

"Due to the risk of fire, the following local governments have imposed a ban on harvesting and the use of any equipment that could potentially start a fire......" following by a list of Shires.

  • The lifting of harvest bans WILL NOT be broadcasted via ABC Radio but via the Shire's SMS System.
  • The Shire of Ravensthorpe does have a SMS System available for landowners/residents/contractors/workers to register free of charge.
  • A SMS will be sent to registered users advising when harvest bans are enforced per harvest zone area. This will be followed up with a voice recording on the Shire's Harvest Ban Line (08) 9839 0035
  • Follow up SMS's will be sent to registered users advising when harvest bans have been lifted per harvest zone area.
  • To avoid penalty, the Shire of Ravensthorpe strongly recommends landowners/residents/contractors/workers to register to the SMS service as this is the official notice for the Shire to when harvest bans are enforced or lifted.

SMS Notification

If you wish to receive SMS updates of the road conditions or harvest or movement bans, please complete our online form.

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