Integrated Planning Suite

What is an Integrated Planning Suite

All local governments are currently required to produce a plan for the future under S5.56 (1) of the Local Government Act 1995 (the Act). It is intended that regulations will be made under S5.56(2) of the Act to briefly outline the minimum requirements to achieve this.

This Integrated Strategic Planning Framework provides the basis for improving the practice of strategic planning in local government. It addresses the minimum requirements to meet the intent of the Act and outlines processes and activities to achieve an integrated strategic plan at the individual local government level.

There are three major parties to the development of an integrated strategic plan:

  1. The community – participates in a community planning process to determine major vision or intended big picture directions and also participates in regular reviews of those directions.
  2. The Council – signs off the Strategic Community Plan resulting from the community planning process, the four year reviews updating that plan, and the annual budget. 3.
  3. The local government administration – supports delivery of the Strategic Community Plan, the 4-yearly reviews, and annual budget through its corporate business planning. To achieve an integrated strategic planning process at least two plans are needed.

Strategic Community Plan 2020 - 2030

The Strategic Community Plan sets out the community’s vision and priorities for the future, and the key strategies we will focus on to achieve our aspirations. The purpose of the plan is to:

  • guide Council’s medium-term plans and annual budgets;
  • provide the basis for working with our community and partners to achieve the vision;
  • provide the basis to pursue funding by demonstrating how projects align with the aspirations of our community and the strategies outlined in the plan; and
  • provide a framework for monitoring progress.

Strategic Community Plan 

Corporate Business Plan 2020 - 2030

The Corporate Business Plan is how the Shire will achieve the goals and aspirations identified within our Strategic Community Plan.  

The Plan will be updated annually and reviewed in conjunction with the strategic reviews required under this framework.

Corporate Business Plan 

Long Term Financial Plan 2020 - 2030

The Long Term Financial Plan presents a financial analysis of strategic objectives in the integrated planning framework documents.  

It is an integral part of Council's strategic planning process and provides the resourcing capability to implement the Strategic Community Plan, Corporate Business Plan, Asset Management Plans and Workforce Plans.

Long Term Financial Plan 

Asset Management Plans

Fleet Equipment and IT Asset Management

Property Asset Management Plan

Recreation Asset Management Plan

Transport Asset Management Plan

Workforce and Diversity Plan

The team that delivers the Shire's services to the community, day in and day out, is a group of committed and capable people.  This plan shows how we are going to continue to recruit, develop and retain the skills and attributes we need over the coming years. 

This plan also supplies our Equal Opportunity Management Plan. 

Workforce and Diversity Plan

Summary of the Shire's Plans for the Future

Summary of the Shire's Strategic Community Plan, Corporate Business Plan, Long Term Financial Plan Asset Management Plans and Workforce Plan.

Summary of the Integrated Planning Suite