An update following the Local Government election

Published on Thursday, 26 October 2023 at 1:11:34 PM


I am writing to inform the community about recent developments following the Local Government Election held on Saturday, 21 October 2023. 

Karen Sinclair, who was elected as a councillor for the district of Ravensthorpe, has made the difficult decision to resign from her position. Ms Sinclair received a notable 100 first preference votes in the election. While her decision to resign is due to a personal matter, we respect her choice and wish her well for the future. 

In accordance with both Section 80 of the Local Government Amendment Act 2023, and the formal notification of results from the Western Australian Electoral Commission, Julia Bell was the designated first candidate to backfill the vacancy. However, Ms Bell, when approached, declined the opportunity to accept the nomination for the role of councillor, citing personal reasons. I would like to thank Ms Bell for her time on Council and wish her well in the future.

Subsequently, Robert Miloseski, the designated second candidate, was invited to consider accepting the nomination for the role of councillor, and I am pleased to confirm that he has accepted this nomination.  

I extend my congratulations to Mr Miloseski on his election as councillor in the district of Ravensthorpe for a four-year term. I look forward to working with him and the other councillors to continue serving our community.  

Although the process may be disappointing to some members of the community, particularly those who supported Ms Sinclair and Ms Bell, it underscores the importance of having backup candidates in such situations. I hope it also reassures the community that we have diligently followed due process as stipulated under the required state legislation.  

The voter turnout for our Shire was admirable. 59.9% of eligible voters returned their ballot, which clearly shows how passionate our community is about having their say.  

This election was the first time local government elections in WA used optional preferential voting. This new system caused some delay in announcing results right across the state, not just in Ravensthorpe.  

I want to reassure the community that even though there were delays in getting the final result, due process was diligently followed and we provided updates in a timely manner as instructed by the Returning Officer and the WA Electoral Commission.  

The new councillors will be sworn in at a Special Council Meeting on 5pm Tuesday 31 October 2023 at Ravensthorpe Council Chambers. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

Matthew Bird

Chief Executive Officer

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