Amendment to Dogs Local Law 2010

Published on Wednesday, 3 July 2024 at 10:01:12 AM




Dog Act 1976
Local Government Act 1995

Amendment to Dogs Local Law 2010

The Shire of Ravensthorpe proposes to make an amendment to the Dogs Local Law 2010.

The purpose of this proposed amendment is to make provisions about the impounding of dogs; to control the number of dogs that can be kept on a property, and the manner of keeping those dogs; to prescribe areas in which dogs are prohibited and to prescribe dog exercise areas.

The effect of this proposed amendment is to extend the controls over dogs which exist under the Dog Act 1976.

A copy of the proposed amendment is available for viewing here. It can also be viewed at each Shire office from 9:00am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday.

Submissions about the proposed amendment can be made to the Chief Executive Officer, Shire of Ravensthorpe, PO BOX 43, Ravensthorpe WA 6346, or via by Friday 23 August 2024.

Matthew Bird
Chief Executive Officer